HWD Is Different

What makes you different?

At my previous job, I worked with companies who oversold, underperformed, and overcharged.

I started HWD because I know firsthand about the pervasive practice in the web design industry that allows people with little technical experience to be duped.

The dishonest approach to business represents everything I stand against.

Personal Client Connection

Large firms don’t get you, overcharge, and are often slow and impersonal.

I know because I was a client of larger web development companies for years.

I make it my business to understand yours, work hard, and don’t take on more than I can handle. That means I’m responsive to your emails and calls, work off hours, and go the extra mile that bigger operations don’t.

How are you more affordable?

The quick answer: I’m not greedy and I enjoy what I do.

I started HWD because I was frustrated with the epidemic of inflated pricing for basic work, and a disturbing level of deliberate gouging.

So I offer services at reasonable, sliding scale that is entirely dependent on the project rather than a flat rate. I also don’t clock extra hours on easy tasks just because you may not know the difference.




CUSTOM – $1,000 AND UP



I work on a sliding scale depending on client needs, project size, the need to bring in extra developers, and a multitude of other factors. For specifics you can always call 610-333-7344 or fill out this form to give me a sense of what you’re looking for.

What different websites can cost:

A simple WordPress informational site like this one costs between $300 to $2,000 depending on the level of customization a client requires. If all you need is a very basic website with a few pages, just make one yourself! Here’s a video that shows you how.

If you have a business that requires 5 or more pages, a backend system (database) to store customer information/user accounts, a checkout process, custom design needs, etc., the price ranges quite a bit again from $1,000 on up. It all depends on the level of customization. Your average small business, however, spends between $2,500 – $5,000 on their website.

Your Digital Storefront Has to Be Perfect

An outdated website instantly erodes visitors’ trust in a company.

Now more than ever, a business with a dated website gives visitors the impression it’s struggling, disorganized or illegitimate. My job is to understand what your company does and build a site that reflects its unique services with a clean, well organized design.

Johnny Perkins

Johnny Perkins

Owner, Honest Website Design

About Me

My name is Johnny Perkins and I recently moved to NYC in 2013 after 7 years of working for a small teen tour company. I wore many hats, but my chief job when not leading trips was to maintain the website and manage all internet marketing. I have countless hours of hands on experience building sites from concept to completion, from 40+ page $35,000 sites to 3 page personal sites. I love working with people to bring their visions to life.

Hablo Español

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